Lori Horbas

For over eighteen years Lori has shared the stories of the people who grow food in the Midwest.

She has visited over 80 producers to obtain interviews and to see first hand how each producer does his/her work.

These visits have included: dairy farmers, meat producers, fruit and vegetable growers, orchardists, cheesemakers, winemakers, heirloom grain growers and cash crop farmers.

To put their work into context, she has studied the US farming system, including everything from the USDA government subsidies, regulations, labeling and the food bill, to industrial and small scale farming, production methods, and more.

With this context and her deep sense of civic responsibility, she burnishes her work to put the skills, memories and gallant efforts of farmers and food producers at the forefront.

For us, her work offers a living history of the work of small to mid-size producers.

This history-in-the-making is the life-blood of traditional methods of food production. Horbas believes it is critical because, short of farming ourselves, “If we are to survive and thrive in our human community, we must cherish and keep these stories and skills alive for future generations.”


The Joy of Food, a bi-monthly column, published by Exchange magazine, circulation 35,000; it ran for seven years.



At the Table: La Merenda’s Producers


The Joy of Food: The Collected Columns 2003-2009



Stand Tall Media


Town & Country Resource, Conservation & Development


Professional Dairy Producers of WI


Published In

Heirloom Gardener


The Leopold Outlook


Real Simple


Farm Fresh Atlas, WI


University of WI-Milwaukee; BA English, emphasis in creative writing and Mass Communications

University of California, Berkeley; Grammar Mechanics & Usage for Editors

Community Systems, MT; Grant Writing Certification

Aldo Leopold Foundation, WI; Land Ethic Leader’s Training




The Association of Food Journalists

IRE, Investigative Reporters & Editors

Licensed Screener/ Discussion Facilitator

Green Fire: Aldo Leopold & a Land Ethic for Our Time Documentary film


“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change.”