Leaving the Nest

To be honest, I have been nesting. Leaving the security of a 21-year career to embrace freelance writing is similar to watching a new hatchling steadying to fly. One jumps because their inner nature calls them to do so. It isn’t until after the jump, one thinks to look down.

My leap wasn’t a spur of the moment decision, it came after freelancing for 12 years. Working my day job and writing sometimes made me feel all I did was work. As my freelancing took off, I realized I could no longer fully devote myself to doing both. When I knew in my heart I would deeply regret not following my passion for writing, I quit my day job.

I am fluttering my wings everyday now. Social media outlets where white space is as important as the written word, prove humbling. I am an essayist. I tend toward long, complex sentences, a style now relegated to almost relic status.

I am a beginner again.

I am learning there are many views of the world, mine is only one.

As I settle into my new terrain, I trust  you’ll stop by to visit from time to time. The topics, photos and tweets will be the crafted “work of my hands”.

Here, you’re likely encounter the intersection of food and culture. Including profiles on  farmers, chefs, topics on resilient agricultural practices and the environmental impact of food production methods. It’s likely I’ll  touch on holistic health and biological dental topics along the way too.

I hope you’ll join me and when you do, I look forward to civil discourse.

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